Trustees and Officers

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Thomas L. Phillips
, Chairman
The founder of The Phillips Foundation, Mr. Phillips serves as Chairman of Eagle Publishing, Inc.

Kellyanne E. Conway
Mrs. Conway is CEO and President of The Polling Company and Editor and Publisher of Woman Trends Online.

Becky Norton Dunlop

Mrs. Dunlop is Vice President for External Relations at The Heritage Foundation.

Alfred S. Regnery

Mr. Regnery was, until recently, the Publisher of The American Spectator and was formerly President of Regnery Publishing, Inc., a prominent book publisher. He is the managing director of The Paul Revere Project, a new communications initiative, and is the Chairman of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Ronald E. Robinson

Mr. Robinson is President of Young America’s Foundation

Kenneth Y. Tomlinson

Mr. Tomlinson was editor in chief of Reader's Digest and chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


John W. Farley
Executive Director

Jon A. Heimerman


Trustee Emeritus

Donald P. Hodel
Mr. Hodel served as Secretary of both Interior and Energy during the Reagan Administration.

In Memoriam

Robert D. Novak          Thomas A. Fuentes
Founding Trustee             Trustee
1990 - 2009                  1998 - 2012